Spice72 Indian Restaurant and Lounge | Surrey BC


A celebration of flavours

Spice72 Indian Restaurant and Lounge provides a peaceful and relaxed ambience along with authentic food.

Proudly owned by Brothers Jaspal and Amarjeet Singh Saini, well-known in the food industry, Spice72 – a restaurant is gaining popularity for its authentic food and excellent service. This restaurant is jointly co-owned by Jaspal, Amarjeet (also the Chief Chef of Spice72), and their brother-in-law Satinder Pal Singh, who currently runs the restaurant, Mahek Chaat House in Surrey.


The Saini brothers got interested in the hotel business when they were 10 or 12 years old. “My father Baldev owned a Punjabi-style restaurant in 1960 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. That’s how we got into the business. We still have that restaurant,” explains Jaspal.

Spice72, recently-opened on 72nd street and Scott road, caters to all kinds of crowd – with a menu comprising of North Indian and South Indian cuisine to specialities from various Indian cities like Mumbai street food, Khaman Dhokla from Gujarat, Lamb Vindaloo from Goa and Butter Chicken from Punjab. “The food, décor and atmosphere are the three main aspects of Spice72,” says Jaspal proudly, who is also the manager of the restaurant.



Amarjeet, who started learning to cook at the age of 14 at his father’s restaurant, has mastered the art completely, with a few secret recipes up his sleeve that make customers keep coming back. Both Jaspal and Amarjeet ensure that the food prepared at the restaurant meets the expectations of the customers. Jaspal, in fact eats at his own restaurant everyday – just to make sure the quality and taste of the food are deserving of the customers. To add the homemade touch, Jaspal’s sister Paramjeet – “a khaman and batata vada specialist” according to Jaspal – assists in preparing various Gujarati and other specialities.

The authenticity of the dishes at Spice72 is something that deserves praise. The food is prepared fresh daily and from scratch. Try the Butter Chicken at the restaurant and let your taste buds enjoy the authenticity and freshness of the dish. A popular dish among guests, the delicious Butter Chicken prepared at Spice72 cannot be compared to the ones served at other restaurants. One needs to taste it to understand the difference.

Some of the other popular dishes at our restaurant are Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Chilli, Chettinad Chicken, Batata Vada, Sev Puri, and Chicken 72 which is inspired by the Chicken 65 recipe. A meal for two persons can be around $60.

Another feature that needs to be pointed out about Spice72 is its beautiful interior with modern designs and a colour scheme of grey, brown and gold. “I wanted to do something different with a modern look. People love the décor,” says Jaspal. Each table with comfortable seats and high backrest has been designed in a way to shut down any disturbance from surroundings tables. “We wanted to give more privacy to our guests,” explains Jaspal.

Spice72 also offers a range of wines to give you a complete fine dining experience. “We have a great wine collection. We have the most number of Indian wines,” says Jaspal, revealing that Happy Hour will soon be introduced in the menu.

Spice72 is also an ideal place to host parties and private events. Jaspal mentions that the restaurant has patio seating which can accommodate a crowd of 80 to 100 guests for parties. There is also a special dining room with a seating of about 40 people for private events. Mouth-watering food, amazing location, and a quiet setting at Spice72 are perfect features to make a party successful.

The restaurant is situated at a prime location, with the Cineplex Odeon Strawberry Hill Cinemas just a few minutes away. This makes it an ideal location to visit after or before watching a movie. “People can watch a movie and have dinner here,” jokes Jaspal.

Make you movie-watching experience more enjoyable by heading to Spice72 for an authentic and scrumptious meal. You won’t be disappointed!